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 Chronic Illness/Disease often share one major characteristic: they are not visible to an onlooker; thus the term “invisible illness.” What is an invisible illness?

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Knowledge is freedom.  Get the facts.  Educate yourself.  Use your own discretion.  Here are some helpful links for support and information.

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THE SPOON THEORY ©️ by Christine Miserandino

The International Pain Foundation & IPF’s President

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The National Migraine Association

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association


Why are Zebras represented in the Chronic Illness Community?

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What are “SPOONS” all about? to read the full story written by Christine Miserandino click here


Quick Explanation of  a SPOON

Each spoon represents something that you do in a day.

For example: Brushing your teeth = 1 Spoon Driving to the store = 1 Spoon Sometimes it takes more than 1 Spoon to do something. It might require 2 – 3 Spoons to make dinner, get groceries or even take a shower.

Most people have an unlimited amount of Spoons, but people that suffer from Chronic Disorders are limited by the number of Spoons they have in a day.  When they run out of Spoons, they are done for the day.