MSG411 Events

2020- Sorry there are currently no events scheduled. Please check back later.

* MSG411 Event Guidelines

  • Inviting one friend is allowed. After all, our friends are our support system. 
  • In order to successfully hold an event, eight sign-ups will be required. Some events may limit number of participants due to space.
  • A text reminder will be sent the day before an event if cell phone is given.
  • Because of the nature of our illnesses, sometimes the morning of an event plans change. Therefore, if you will be unable to attend, please text Amy Shoemaker @ 815-718-5261 before noon that day. Thank you. 
  • All information is confidential. Phone/email are only used by hostess in the case of cancelation or change.
  • If you would like to sign up for an event, but do not want to give your email or phone number, you may call 815-718-5261 or sign up on our Contact Page.


2018- Tai Chi & Tea 

Thank you Trirong Khuntangta

Gingko Tree/Traditional Wellness Center

216 W. 1st St., Dixon IL

Free: to anyone suffering an illness, plus one friend (friend must sign-up also)

Free: one paid beverage per person from Gingko Tree Tea Shop compliments of your hostess, Amy Shoemaker.

On April of 2018, Linda explained how art can be beneficial to people with live challenges. Thank you LVH for an enjoyable evening.


Special Thursday Tea Time – April 12th , 2018

Veronica Machnicki, taught us the benefits of juicing; why we should chew our juice and drink our food; mindful eating, and a wealth of wonderful information. Main Squeeze is the fast food of healthy eating  and a pillar of wellness for our community. Thank you for sharing your passion for life, delicious nourishing juices and fantastic food menu.

Hospice of the Rock River Valley

Festival of Trees 🎄

November 11th – 19th, 2017

Northland Mall Sterling

2017 Fall Arts & Crafts Vendors Show

~ Northland Mall ~ Sterling

November 4th & 5th

Paint the Town in Morrison

September 16th, 2017


Therapeutic Rock Painting was a success.  ~ July 21, 2017

So why ask a group of people that suffer from pain, to get together and work on an art project? Let’s face it, it’s hard to sit still or even sit upright in a chair on bad days. And sometimes working with our hands can itself initiate pain.

Bringing on pain is not the thing to aim for. It’s finding things to do that get us through the pain. When the pain is too great to accomplish much or you can’t sleep, find the thing you can handle and go with that. Crafting doesn’t always fit into your priority list. But if it’s an activity that steers you away from thinking about pain, try giving it precedence. In the vortex of making choices, it’s finding the right distraction that counts. Not finishing your to-do list. The dishes stay where they are, and the clock ticks until I feel better.

The trick to doing an activity in pain, is to listen to your body. The idea behind therapeutic rock painting is to quite your mind. Place your palm steady on the table or rock. Steady your life where it is in the moment. Go slow. Do what you can. As you exhale place a dot on the rock. Exhale and leave your mark. Those of us that suffer from pain are not able to do as much as we want with our lives. The pain all too often stops us in our tracks. But remember you can, you will and you do leave your mark. No matter how small, every dot is important.

The other idea with rock painting is to create and share. Creating often gives us purpose. Experts say, “Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain.  It may also ease stress, increase happiness, help fight dementia and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.”

It’s hard to find happy thoughts when your body seems to be battling against you. Consider writing a positive message on your rock and giving it away. Perhaps you have a special person in mind. Or maybe you could leave your rock out in the world for a complete stranger to find, making the world better by adding one more smile. Place your mark.

Advise from a rock: Try your hardest. Stay grounded. Start each day with a clean slate. Keep still. Be well-rounded. Live in balance. Never Take Life for Granite.

Thank you Tri-Con Materials for donating rocks!!! 😀