Wish List

Even though we’d like to be, legally MSG411 is not a licensed non-profit organization. Β The process of acquiring a 501(c)3 takes time, financing and a staff we are too small to accommodate. Therefore, we can not collect fiscal donations. However, if you would like to give to MSG411 in a way that would benefit the community and all that utilizes the program, you can do the following;

  • Hostess a Community Wellness Meeting by bringing a lite snack, fruit, or go crazy and share a favorite treat- homemade or not. It’s easiest if everyone to bring their own beverage. (non-alcoholic, of course) Please provide, paper goods and utensils if needed.

  • Sponsor an event. Β Contact Amy S. for details.

  • Provide us with resources. That is why we are 411. Information is critical to learning how to manage chronic illness. See the wish list below

  • Share your individual talent with the group.

Add to our Resource Library. Here are some ideas on our Wish List.

Hashimoto’s Protocol


Surviving and Thriving with a Invisible Chronic Illness


Shake, Rattle & Roll


One Door Closes