MSG411 was created to create an awareness of people living with chronic invisible disorders.  

My illness is a neurologist disorder, a disease of inflammation.  I had my first migraine experience as a child.  I recall chunks of time without the presence of pain. Yet migraines and all that come with the disorder, occupy a major part of my life. Regardless of adversity, my focus has always been to continue with a positive outlook.

I am grateful for those in the medical profession that have helped me manage my migraines.  Support from my husband has been my number one asset.  I greatly value the support I received from close friends and family.  Most of all, I am passionate about helping other warriors like myself.

Amy Shoemaker*
Migraine Warrior 
MSG411 Founder, Hostess, Website Coordinator & Sponsor 

A BIG Thank You to all that makes MSG411 a success. 

Please note: My purpose is not to cure anyone nor tell them what they should or shouldn’t do.  I’m not a professional counselor.  I do not represent any treatment facility or physician, nor do I recommend any types of treatment.  I am simply a person with an invisible disease.

*Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional, nor do I claim to be medically trained. All information, products, or services provided throughout the MSG411 website and blog are written purely as a patient living with chronic illness. Always consult your personal healthcare provider before using any advice, guidance, or information provided.